Questions & Answers Commonly Asked

Q: What do you normally charge to work on tractors?

A. We charge $55.00 an hour. You are not charged at any time unless we are physically working on it.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, PayPal, Facebook, and of course cash.

Q: Do you offer estimates before doing any work?

A: Yes we do. We can give you a ballpark figure but with the understanding, we may find more issues once we do the teardown. If any other issues are encountered, we will contact you first before going any further.

Q: What do you guys specialize in?

A: We tend to work with what we call the little guys. Folks that run smaller farms, hobbyists, and weekend warriors that have woodlots and tend to own the older smaller tractors that most repair shops don't want to handle.

Q: If I have no way to transport the tractor to you, do you or someone you know that can?

A: Yes we do offer a pick-up and drop-off service to get your tractor here and then home after the repairs have been made.

Q: During the Covid Restrictions, is your business taking precautions?

A: Since we are classified as essential workers, we are still open during normal business hours. We are doing business a little differently in that we are asking customers to call ahead of time before you show up. 

We are also working with a number of customers where we pick-up their machines, fix or service them, and have those customers pay over the phone, and then returning the fixed unit back to the customer with no physical interactions needed.

You can also drop off after hours and just call us or leave a message on our answering machine with a good phone number where we can reach you and what the issue is.