Our Services
Farm Tractor Repairs

Our repairs are based on our customer's needs.  You are always in charge and part of the process. We will tell you what we see and give you options on how to proceed. In some cases we can find good used parts to help off-set the total bill.

Custom Paint and Decals

We also do during the summer months custom paint jobs on tractors and equipment. We apply 4 layers of paint so that it will look great years later. We also carry vinyl and regular decal sets that we sell and apply to newly painted equipment.

Online and Phone Sales

The majority of the parts we carry are brand new aftermarket parts. Currently, our parts are available on eBay, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Sears. You can also contact us directly through Facebook, email, or phone to order as well.

What We Offer
1. Farm & Compact Tractor Services

We can handle the yearly services your tractor needs to operate over the years. We change the oil and filter, check the hydraulic fluids for water, and change that and the filter if needed. We also check the air filter and replace that if needed and grease all the grease points on the tractor.

2. Main & PTO Clutch Repairs

We first look to see if there are any adjustments that can be done first. Depending on the tractor, many need to be split in half to repair and replacing the main and PTO clutch. Other models such as John Deere have PTO clutch packs that we work on as well. Our goal is to find the best options for our customers. 

3. Engine Rebuilds

We do both inframe and out of frame engine rebuilds. It depends on what the tractor and customer's needs are.  We do everything from sleeving engine blocks, shaving heads, and complete engine overhauls.  Most of the jobs out there are as simple as rings, rod bearings, and a gasket set to get it running great again.

4. Tire Repairs

We arrange through a local vendor and a friend that does a great job repairing rims, repairing tires, and complete tire and tube replacements. They also reuse your calcium chloride and also carries that on hand if you want your rear tires loaded. We will do the trucking to and from them.

5. Rear Axle Seal Replacement

We can handle replacing the rear axle seals on the rear axel that do break down over time. The majority of the time this requires taking the tire off and tearing the rear axel to access the inner seals that need to be replaced. This is time-consuming depending on the make and medel. 

6. Brake Repairs

We first look to see if the brakes are out of adjustment. Again, we look for the cheapest way out for what our customer's needs are. A full-time farmer will need new brakes more often than the hobbyist and weekend warriors. It all depends on what you need.

You are in Charge

When you come to us to look at getting anything repaired, we will listen to your needs. Once the piece of equipment hits our shop, we will access what the issues are and then do our best in layman terms so that you will fully understand what needs to be done. We have had equipment in the past that ended up needing more repairs than we first estimated. When this happens, we contact you our customer of how you want to proceed. There will never be any surprises on what the bill ends up being. If you appreciate honesty ...we are the shop for you